Vranch House is a centre for the treatment of over 2,000 outpatients with physical difficulties, a provider of various therapies throughout Devon and an independent Day School in Exeter for children with significant physical difficulties.

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Last updated: 27/05/2024

Essential Policies and Procedures

All essential policy and procedure documents were updated July - September 2023. 2024 updates are currently under review by the management team.

(Incorporating Health & Safety Matters)

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1.           Contents[pdf]

2.           Staff handbook[pdf]

3.           First Aid Procedure[pdf]

4.           Fire Precautions[pdf]

5.           Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy[pdf]

5a.         Adult Safeguarding Policy[pdf]

6.           Moving and Handling Policy[pdf]

7.           Hydrotherapy Policy[pdf]

7a.         Hydrotherapy Pool Contamination Procedure[pdf]

8.           Swimming Pool Emergency Protocol[pdf]

9.           Hygiene Policy[pdf]

10.         Medicine Policy[pdf]

11.         Charity Vehicles & Minibus Procedures[pdf]

12.         Working at Height Policy[pdf]

13.         School Placements [pdf]

14.         The Loan or Grant of Equipment[pdf]

15.         Dysphagia Policy[pdf]

16.         Eating, Drinking with Acknowledged Risk[pdf]

16a.       EDAR[pdf]

16b.       VHS Forward bundle[pdf]

16c.       CYPACP[pdf]

17.         Suction Policy[pdf]

18.         Catheterisation Policy[pdf]

19.         Head Infestation Policy[pdf]

20.         School Visit Health Precautions[pdf]

21.         Intimate Care Policy[pdf]

22.         Positioning Children in Supportive Equipment[pdf]

23.         Student Guidelines[pdf]

24.         Disability & Development Accessibility Plan[pdf]

25.         Pandemic Policy[pdf]

27.         Discharge from Clinical Services[pdf] 

28.         Complaints Procedure[pdf]

29.         Serious Incident Procedures[pdf]