Vranch House is a centre for the treatment of over 2,000 outpatients with physical difficulties, a provider of various therapies throughout Devon and an independent Day School in Exeter for children with significant physical difficulties.

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Last updated: 02/12/2022

OFSTED (2018)

This is an outstanding school (extract from the latest OFSTED report)

 Vranch House provides a highly effective education for its pupils. Pupils make excellent progress in their academic and personal development.

 The senior staff, the governing body and the trustees provide the challenge and support required to ensure that the school continues to improve.

 Leaders, governors and trustees ensure that the school consistently meets the independent school standards (ISS). They ensure that the school provides the highest quality of education and care, through close monitoring, assessment and review of all that the school provides and pupils achieve.

 All staff receive high-quality training. They are committed to ensuring that pupils reach their potential. Regardless of their role or position, all staff see themselves as equal members of the Vranch House team. Staff morale is high.

 Staff use a comprehensive range of communication systems to ‘talk' with pupils. As a result, pupils learn to be increasingly independent in expressing their views, needs and desires.

 The curriculum is exceptionally well planned. Leaders monitor teachers' work to check that pupils achieve highly and develop well. The integration of pupils' physical therapy needs with academic learning helps them to make outstanding progress in all aspects of their learning.

 All aspects of the early years foundation stage are outstanding. Children make an excellent start to their education.

 Pupils benefit greatly from the on-site provision of clinics to ensure that their medical needs are quickly attended to.

 The immaculately kept grounds and the high-quality hydrotherapy suite provide pupils with rich, stimulating sensory experiences.

 Parents and families are kept very well informed about their children's development and day-to-day activities. 

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